AIDApy and AIDAdb


AIDApy is a high level Python package for the analysis of spacecraft data from heliospheric missions using modern techniques.

Visit the main repository:
In this repo, there is the aidapy repository: with the associated documentation

For more info you can find examples of the repository of jupyter notebook here:


The output data obtained by launching virtual satellites throughout the simulations listed above have been stored on the CINECA computers using iRODS. iRODS is an open-source, data management middleware that enable users to:

  • access, manage, and share data across any type of storage systems located anywhere, maintaining security;
  • exercise precise control over data with extensible rules that ensure the data is archived, described, and replicated according to their needs.

In iRODS metadata can be used to describe data objects, collections, resources, and users. The high level data are stored on iRODS CINECA disks and available via the iRODS metadata interface system. 

Here a quick tutorial of iRODS.